West End Workshop provides professional “on the job” musical theatre training for young performers wanting to sculpt their talent for auditions and college courses. Your child will have a chance to improve and demonstrate their skills with an invitation for you as parents to come and see how they are getting on. (Parental visit to view work performed in our in-house Hart theatre take place on the last Monday before each half-term break).

The nitty gritty…

The class is part vocal training and part staging. It includes a proper vocal warm-up session but mainly features group work on songs and/or medleys (often staged to appear in our in-house productions).

This work also helps vocalists to work in groups and study harmony etc.

These groups are tutored by Emma Weaver.

Preparing students for auditions

To prepare individual students for forthcoming musical theatre auditions both in the West End and Bristol, every term a musical will be studied in each class. Students will be given a CD and sheet music so that they have it available should an audition opportunity arise. At the end of each term, you will be invited to a "showcase" of these musical numbers where you will have an opportunity to discuss your child's progress with us.

Helping students with their future career

Within this particular class, we can help students with decisions and audition preparations for colleges/Drama courses, MTC Courses & DA DAS etc. If your child is interested in a career in musical theatre or drama, we would be only too happy to help and support them throughout the decision making process.

Top tips are given in the following areas:


★ Vocal Repertoire

★ Vocal Technique

★ Vocal Harmony

★ Recording

★ Acting through song

★ Ear Training

★ Combining vocal & choreograpahy


★ Audition technique

★ Audition experience

★ Soloist opportunities

★ Practice

★ College audition preparation

★ Performance psychology

★ Performance experience

★ Professional development