Notice for ending classes at Bristol School of Performing Arts

How do I finish classes with BSPA if I wish to terminate my agreement?

BPSA’s terms and conditions state that you must give us notice if you wish to terminate your agreement with us. The notice must be in writing and you must receive confirmation of receipt.  It would be helpful if you could specify the child or children it relates to, contains your own details, the classes your child took at the school and is dated. We will then confirm that we you have done this, and this then completes the process of giving us your notice. This ensures that we both know that you will be leaving the school.

The notice must be for one complete and clear school term. This means that you cannot give notice once a term has started – your notice must then be for the whole of the following term, and we must receive and acknowledge it before the start of that term. For example, after the start of the winter term, your notice and our acknowledgement of it must both be completed before the start of the next term, which is the spring term. You will need to pay for the whole of the spring term.

All our term dates are published on our website and in our terms and conditions. They are also available at the school.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions.

Health & Safety

Please view our Health & Safety policy for information on Child Protection and Bullying.

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