“How do I find out if drama classes would suit my child?”

We offer a free trial class for your child to attend so they can find out if they enjoy it and want to enrol for the term.

“How do I enrol my child in a class?”

Please speak to Liz and Chris in the Office at White Hart Lodge after your child has attended a free trial. Classes can be joined at any time during the term. View our term dates for more info.

“What other classes do you offer apart from drama?”

We offer a range of additional classes that children can access once they are attending drama classes at BSPA. Those classes include Showdance and West End Workshop. We also offer a range of dance classes.

“What dance classes do you offer at BSPA?”

We offer a range of classes for ages two and a half up - view all classes on our Timetable. Please note that ballet and tap (on Thursdays) are the only dance classes that children can attend without attending drama classes. All other dance classes can only be accessed by students who are currently enrolled on drama classes.

“What does my child need to wear to class?”

Children need to wear trousers which are comfortable and they can move easily in. Jazz pants/tracksuit bottoms are ideal – black or dark colours. We also offer personalised uniform (tshirts or hoodies) for children. Please talk to Liz and Chris in the office at White Hart Lodge about ordering tops for your children.

“What shoes does my child need to wear?”

It’s compulsory for children to wear indoor shoes e.g. Jazz Shoes/Dance trainers/Daps. Outside shoes must not be worn in the studios as they can damage the floors. You do not need to purchase special shoes, but if you wish to, Jazz shoes and dance trainers can be purchased from Dancewell – Cotham Hill, Bristol.

“Do I need to stay during classes?”

If your child attends the Little Dramas class (age two and half to four), you will need to stay in the bar just in case your child needs support or a toilet break. Some children in this particular class may also need parent support in the class until they have built up enough confidence to be left with the teacher. For all other classes, you are welcome to leave the building or relax in our bar where there are snacks, soft drinks and free wi-fi.

“Can my child join mid term?”

Yes if there is space to do so.

“What opportunities do you offer children in terms of performing professionally?”

Our School is proud of having the highest success rate in marrying youngsters with professional opportunities. We offer a professional in-house production each year plus professional opportunities in theatre and television.

“Can I see my child perform?”

There are opportunities to see your child perform in our in-house theatre productions. You may also see your child perform in professional positions if they are successful in auditions e.g. TV, Radio, Theatre.