Tiny Tutus

Itroductory dance class where children attend with an adult. Children are introduced to the creative world of dance with a focus on fun and imagination. Classes taught by Andrea Taylor.

Tiny Tutus runs for half an hour, where your child (18 months to 3 years) will attend with you and learn the very basics of dance and movement with the use of music, singing, multiple props and of course partner work with mummy and engaging with other children.

We encourage mums to join in throughout the lesson as this will in turn encourage your child to copy, learn and gain confidence. Together we take the children through nursery rhymes that everyone should recognise, as well as learning to walk on our toes, march like a soldier, move in time with the music, run and much more.

If there is something your child finds difficult I will encourage you to help them and let you know how. As the class develops you will notice a lot of repetition - this is to aid with the learning process, however the steps will gradually get harder until your child is ready to take Pre-School Ballet classes on their own at dance school. This can happen at any time from the age of 2.5 years to 3.


Here at BSPA we put children through their Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exams for Ballet. The RAD is a world renowned dance education association; arguably the most influential with their presence in 79 countries, with over 14,000 members. Founded in 1920 by a collection of dance professionals representing the five main schools of Ballet (Bournonville, Imperial Russian, Italian, French and English), today the RAD prides themselves on their teacher training programs and more than a quarter of a Million students being examined with their syllabi. The RAD promotes and develops excellence in dance, providing the chance to teach the art of Ballet as a complete education, for the mind and the body. Here at BSPA we take students from age 2 1/2, where they learn the basics of Ballet in a fun and imaginative way, with the use of music, props, storytelling and singing. This provides the perfect foundation for the RAD Pre-Primary and Primary syllabus, which after examination leads through up to Grade 5. Students at all levels are lead through exercises designed to develop strength, technique, musicality and performance, as well as learning the art of Ballet and discipline. This is all built up steadily and safely as the children grow and progress. 


At BSPA we offer Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Tap from Primary to Grade 3 and Grade 2 and 3 ISTD Modern with Miss Laura on a Tuesday. Tap is a theatrical art form where dancers tap out different rhythms with metal strips on their shoes. Primarily based on rhythm it still demands a strong sense of performance which we try to instil in the children from a young age. Modern Theatre is a high energy dance style originating from America and is often seen on the stage. It's sharp turns, high kicks and leaps make it and exciting dance style to learn. Both Tap and Modern greatly facilitate Ballet training, the rhythm, performance, strength and flexibility needed works hand in hand with that demanded from Classical Ballet.